5 shots that can ruin your game

Pickleball vs everybody. Indian Open results.

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“When America sneezes the world catches a cold.” A quote borrowed by APP CMO Tom Webb to describe pickleball’s growing popularity internationally.

Well, it appears pickleball fever is spreading quickly. International stories pour into social media feeds on the daily and India just completed it largest pickleball event to date.

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5 Shots That Are Hurting Your Pickleball Game

Does this look like you out on the court?

If so, you might be falling victim to five common mistakes that help you lose pickleball games instead of win them. Selkirk Pro Morgan Evans breaks them down in a new video.

1. Your fifth shot from the mid-court

Charging in after your third puts you in a vulnerable spot for your fifth. Too often players are caught on the move and make a mistake on their fifth.

A controlled, balanced approach toward the kitchen is the only way to survive at higher levels. You need to get comfortable moving through the transition zone. Split step and be prepared for whatever shot is coming your way.

2. Your powerful return of serve 

The speed of your serve return determines how much time you have to reach the kitchen line. It might be worth taking pace off of your return to ensure you reach the line in time to hit a strong fourth shot.

“Your opponents don't have to hit a particularly good third ball if you're nowhere near the line,” says Evans. “If making your opponent's third ball more difficult comes at the cost of your chance to play a great fourth ball, then the trade-off probably isn't worth it.”

3. Your slice dink down the line

An attempt to add spin in such a tight space can leave you in a world of hurt. Too often the ball travels a little too far when slicing a dink down the line. The result? An easy putaway for your opponent.

Save the slice dink for the cross-court exchange where there is more space to work with and more room for error. If you want to dink straight-ahead, use a flat dink.

4. Your cross-court attack

The attack is all about removing time for your opponent to react. When you attack cross-court you give your opponent more time to react than with an attack straight ahead.

To make things worse, your partner is the one who pays for your mistake. An errant cross-court attack will likely be countered straight ahead putting your partner in harm’s way.

Catch number 5 from Coach Evans here.

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Indian Open Draws More Than Just a Crowd

Last week, India hosted its biggest pickleball event to date, the Indian Open. The event boasted $100K in prize money which attracted over 700 participants from more than 12 countries.

The U.S. contingency in attendance included top APP pros and Next Gen players. As such, the medal distribution and podium scene resembled an APP event.

🏆 Men’s Singles
Armaan Bhatia
🏆 Women’s Singles
Pei Chuan Kao
🏆 Men’s Doubles
Andrei Daescu and Rob Nunnery
🏆 Women’s Doubles
Susannah Barr and Megan Fudge
🏆 Mixed Doubles
Andrei Daescu and Megan Fudge

The U.S. players were not the only ones creating a buzz in Mumbai. Indian tennis stars Sania Mirza (former #1 women’s doubles) and Rohan Bopanna (current #1 men’s doubles) showed their support for pickleball at the event.

A Star in the Making

All Round Champion is a show with a unique premise where “The best young athletes compete in each other’s sports.” Season 6 of the Emmy Nominated show will feature pickleball and one of the game’s youngest and most personable stars.

Wil Shaffer has made a name for himself in the Arizona pickleball scene and on Instagram. He will represent pickleball in the competition that highlights other fringe sports like Breakdancing and Teqball.

The show is set to air this spring on BYU TV. Wil advises we keep an eye out for a surprise guest coach on the pickleball episode.

Pickleball in the French Riviera?

Imagine soaking up the vibrant atmosphere of the French Riviera, sharing laughs with new friends as you warm up for epic morning rallies on the courts of Nice, France. This can be your reality, fellow dinkers.

From May 6 - 11, 2024, elevate your pickleball skills with Nike's Director of Pickleball, then unwind with local wines and seaside strolls. Pickleball de France's retreat offers a serious pickleball camp (levels 3.0 - 4.0 are welcome) combined with a cultural dive into the breathtaking Mediterranean lifestyle.

Get a sneak peek of the action, check out the curriculum, and explore planned activities (hint: rosé tastings and Monte Carlo outings included). 

Spots have almost filled up—join players from around the world and reserve yours now. Click for details.

Dink Awards Conclusion

We are excited to announce the final winners of the Dink Awards. This round includes content creators who will each receive a $1000 grant thanks to Selkirk.

🏆 YouTube Creator of the Year
Kyle Kozsuta - ThatPickleballGuy
🏆 Instagram Content Creator of the Year

No one keeps the pickleball world laughing quite like @memesofpickleball. But when it comes to rivalries, it was a men’s doubles breakup that stole the show.

🏆 Best Rivalry
Matt Wright vs Riley Newman

We can’t thank all of you enough for voting in the third annual Dink Awards. We look forward to another exciting year of pickleball skill, drama and comedy.

When America Sneezes…

Tom Webb, the Chief Marketing Officer at the APP sits down with Thomas and Zane to share a little of what the APP has been building in the shadows.

From international events to college championships and establishing a new headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, the APP has been quietly making moves. Their goal is to share their brand of pickleball with the world and lay the foundation for the next generation.

Watch the new episode here or listen here.

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