Arsonists target pickleball club

New PB scholarships. Let out balls go.

Time to start up pickleball’s first neighborhood watch. Pickle crime is reaching new, grisly heights.

First, nets slashed in Massachusetts. Then, motor oil poured all over courts in Santa Rosa. Now, an entire shed of pickleball equipment mysteriously burned to a crisp in Santa Monica.

All we need now is a masked vigilante to save the day. Maybe that’s our mascot’s cue to step it up.

On second thought, if I saw Abe Dinkin’ slinking around my neighborhood at night, I wouldn’t sleep for weeks. Almost as creepy as the Burger King guy.

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APP Atlanta Metro Open Results

Letting Out Balls Go in Pickleball: 5 Signs to Watch

Written by: Shea Underwood

Knowing how to let an out ball go can take your pickleball game to the next level.

While the sport demands quick reflexes and precision shots, it also requires players to master the art of releasing those seemingly irresistible shots that may actually cost you the game.

Not only can you snag some free points by letting the ball go, but you also force your opponent to think twice before speeding up the next one.

Seriously, this skill is significantly underrated.

Here are 5 factors to consider when determining whether to play a ball:

1: Location of your opponent - If your opponent initiates a speed-up close to the net, then it is more likely to go out than if they initiate that same speed-up from closer to the baseline (simple, we know, but be cognizant of this).

2: Length of opponent's backswing - The bigger the windup, the more likely it is to go long. Slowing down a long motion is difficult!

3: Spin direction - A ball with backspin is more likely to sail long. Topspin? The opposite. Backspin carries the ball through the air, top spin makes the ball dip towards the ground.

4: Angle of attack - If your opponent hits the ball at a sharp angle cross-court, then it is more likely to go out than if they hit it down the line or towards the opposite corner.

5: Contact point - A low-to-high swing path is more likely to send a ball long than high-to-low. Watch the swing path and identify the point at which their swing starts AND the point of contact. Is it below the hip, or above?

Additional factors like wind speed, type of ball, and the paddle your opponent is using can also make a difference in whether the ball stays in or goes out. Train your eye and practice letting balls go with this drill.

It’s Like Airbnb…but for Pickleball Courts

Swimply v2

As if you need another reason to add a homecourt to your backyard, now you can share your court with local players when you aren’t using it.

Swimply allows court owners the chance to rent out homecourts and players the opportunity to reserve a private court for their game. Find your local Swimply court.

More Colleges Put Serious Money into Pickle

A few weeks ago, we told you about a few universities taking pickleball seriously by building dedicated courts on campus.

The University of Mississippi has joined the ranks of schools who believe pickle has a place on campus. They’ve replaced three tennis courts with eight new pickleball court, resulting in students forming a pickleball club.

Local reporting found the school spent about $61,000 on the project, with $40,000 coming from the Chancellor's Office and $21,000 from the Department of Campus Recreation.

Of course, an official class on pickleball is in the works to launch next fall.

Meanwhile, Utah Tech University is going all out by offering pickleball scholarship money to talented students.

The money covers six credit hours for students who are involved in leadership within the Pickleball Club or play competitively for the university.

Of course, Utah Tech competes in DUPR Collegiate Pickleball. Now, you can expect to see top talent rise to the pros coming from Utah Tech.

Suspected Arson Destroys Pickleball Equipment

Look away. You don’t want to see this:

^ That’s what it looks like when $10K worth of pickleball equipment goes up in flames.

The Santa Monica Mirror reports an investigation is underway after a potential arson incident took down a shed owned by the Santa Monica Pickleball Club.

The club isn’t just for local enthusiasts; it’s a nonprofit that allows anyone to play cost-free by providing the pickleball equipment that was being stored in the structure.

What presupposes this as a case of intentional destruction? It might have something to do with the pack of batteries wrapped in copper they found scorched at the scene…

“There’s people that don’t like us for various reasons, but we also get love letters about the sport,” says the Club’s president.

But much to the dismay of the suspected arsonist, the Streisand effect is a beautiful thing.

Side Bar: if you aren’t familiar, The Streisand Effect originates from when actress Barbra Streisand attempted to suppress a photo of her Malibu home. Her efforts had the reverse effect, as she ended up drawing even greater attention to the photo.

The attempt to hurt the Santa Monica Pickleball Club, only made them stronger. A fundraiser and donations from Selkirk and others have allowed the club to fully replace their stock and purchase storage bins to hold it…and more.

Pickleball. You can’t stop it, you can only hope to contain it.

Designed to Play Better

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Hot Fudge Sunday

Megan Fudge won her first singles title at the APP Atlanta Metro Open last year. This year she doubled up with two gold medals in Atlanta.

Fudge double-dipped her way to both titles at this year’s event. Paired up with Susannah Barr, team Fudge Barr froze out Parris Todd and Simone Jardim to claim the women’s doubles crown.

In singles, Fudge won the best of three games against Judit Castillo to force a tiebreaker. Castillo shot out to a 10-3 lead in the game to 15 before Fudge turned things around. Fudge stormed back to tie the game at 11. She carried the momentum to a 15-13 final.

Andrei Daescu and Rob Nunnery pitched a complete shutout in the men’s doubles final. They double-pickled Greg Dow and Anderson Scarpa 11-0, 11-0 on Championship Sunday.

In mixed doubles, Parris Todd and Hunter Johnson climbed back to the mountain top. Johnson and Todd snatched up multiple mixed titles early this year, but injuries interrupted their winning ways.

Both Johnson and Todd are members of the Atlanta Bouncers and it is fitting that they win the title in the team’s backyard.

We’re on the verge of another pro pickle doubleheader weekend. The APP Tour heads to Texas for the Dallas Open. The PPA Tour will set up shop in Sin City for the PPA Championships.

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