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The safer chase. Playing hard for Maui.

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Happy Monday. Isn’t it tough to find competitive league play? What about just a fun, social league where you can make friends?

The guys at Honcho struggled with this, so earlier this year, they launched their own league. And turns out, people LOVED it. So they did another one, and hundreds applied.

Now they want to go national. With an already-established & successful few seasons in Texas, Honcho Pickleball League is pushing into 9 additional cities this Fall, with plans to scale to 50+ cities in 2024.

The goal?

  • Organize consistent gameplay with scheduling flexibility (we’re all busy)

  • Allow members to compete AND have fun while making friends

  • Coordinate 6 weeks of play, 2 weeks of playoffs, and happy hours and social events along the way

  • Identify the Head Honcho pickleball team of each city. In 2024, Head Honchos across the US will be invited to a National Championship

Sound cool? We thought so, too. Learn more here.

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🧠 The safer chase down
 🌴 Playing hard for home
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APP St. Louis Open Results

Wasted Effort

A ball off the net cord is one of the most dramatic plays in pickle. The crowds ooh and ahh when the ball clips the tape and falls over the net. It sounds like sundown on the 4th of July on Championship Court.

When you're on the receiving end, it's hard not to get caught up in the excitement. You turn on the boosters and fly up to the net, praying not to pull a hammy on the way.

When you're on the sprint for a net cord or even a drop shot, it's important to stay calm. If you don't, your sprint and lunge turns into wasted effort.

Most players know to drop the ball in the kitchen to buy more time in this scenario.

When you're on a dead sprint, the extra momentum gets transferred to the ball. Your safe dink turns into a popup on a silver platter.

Next time you chase down a dribbler, be sure to:

  • Loosen your grip to soften your shot

  • Play the ball cross-court to take advantage of kitchen width

  • High tail it out of there - you may have bought a little time, but you still need to get out of the kitchen or tuck and roll

Pickleball Apparel, Reinvented

Dilly Life new

Dilly Life is redefining the pickleball apparel game, offering you a range of styles that not only look amazing but also deliver exceptional functionality.

Their apparel is crafted with high-quality, moisture-wicking materials that keep you dry and comfortable, even during intense matches. With built-in UV protection, you can confidently take on the sun while staying cool and protected.

Take advantage of their exclusive offer: Get 20% off your first order with the code DINK20, and enjoy free shipping on orders over $75.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to elevate your pickleball experience with Dilly Life!

Doin’ it for Maui

Marsha Sarver is one of the pickleball players who represented Maui at the Founders Tournament. Photo: Kitsap Daily News.

If you weren’t already aware, fires have decimated parts of Maui in one of the worst wildfires in Hawaiian history.

Despite the significant loss of homes and infrastructure as the fire blazes on, 20 Maui residents still made it to Bainbridge Island, Washington – pickleball’s home turf – for the Founders tournament this weekend.

“So many people are missing, houses are gone, and it is tough to play,” Maui pickleball ambassador Laurie Loney told Kitsap Daily News.

“It is a good distraction and the only distraction right now, but when we get a moment, it all comes back. We have been supporting each other and are doing it for Maui.”

Some Founders Tournament organizers have helped promote a handful of Maui pickleball nonprofits that have been donating money in support of families affected by the Maui wildfires.

If you’re able to donate, click here.

Feels Like the First Time

The APP Tour's first stop at the Dwight Davis Tennis Center resulted in first-time gold medalists on the podium.

The day started with a landmark win for Dominique Schaefer. Schaefer proved that she is ready for the big leagues and won her first APP gold with a double-dip victory over Salome Devidze.

Also topping the podium for the first time was the men's doubles duo of Andre Mick and CJ Klinger. The lesser-known pair put together a little paddle magic with the ProXR stick (more on that below).

First, they upset the top seed Andrei Daescu and Rob Nunnery on Saturday then they beat the duo again on Championship Sunday. Klinger and Mick lost the best of three match but won when it mattered most in the final game to 15.

  • Megan Fudge picked up the first gold of the year in women's doubles with Susannah Barr.

  • Barr landed a second gold with Dasecu in mixed.

The tour heads to ring the Liberty Bell next week at the Philadelphia Open. As part of APP’s international initiative, a recap of this event is also scheduled for broadcast in Mainland China.

The Zane Navratil Standard

ProXR Zane

Zane Navratil’s own paddle features an Ultra-RAW carbon face that is designed to maximize spin and power.

That same technology is now available in a standard shape with 5-inch handle and wider face that allows for a big sweet spot and even better accuracy.

So whether you're a fan of the standard shape or an elongated paddle, you can play like Zane with a paddle from ProXR.

Shop now at

Tales from the Court, Part 7

This unusual pickleball experience comes to us from Greg K. Send in your own interesting pickleball stories here.

I live in a 55 & over community in Florida. I was coaching our teams when one of my players hit the ball over the fence surrounding the courts.

So I ran down the hill toward a pond where the ball landed and to my surprise, the ball had already been retrieved by a gator!!

All the players on the 4 courts stopped playing to watch the action. We all decided that the gator could have the ball as its reward for entertaining us.

Pickle Across the Pond

Rob and Stone are back from the road and have a lot to discuss. Rob’s European vacation was packed with good pickleball energy.

Stone has been coaching up the state of Ohio with the Professor and Simone. The boys recap the upset results from the PPA Takeya Showcase and look ahead to the Tournament of Champions.

Watch here and listen here.

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