Collin Johns' Law of Downward Angles

Pickleball takes over Miami. Exclusive signings in the pro game.

March Madness is here. College basketball fever has taken over the country. Millions of brackets were filled out and subsequently busted in what is an annual rite of spring.

But college hoops wasn’t the only show in town this weekend. The DUPR Virginia Super Regional brought in college pickleball teams to compete for scholarship money and a bid for the national championships this fall.

Basketball might own March, but maybe college pickleball can claim November. More on that below.

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🏝️ Pickleball’s weekend in Miami
✍️ Exclusive signings draw lines in the pro game
📉 The law of the downward angles

Let the madness begin.

The Law of the Downward Angle

The height of the ball is everything in pickleball. A ball that is low and at your opponent’s feet is ideal.

It forces them to hit the ball up, which puts you at an advantage. As Collin Johns explains, “The law of the downward angle - thee who angles a volley down first will win the point an enormous percentage of the time.”

Rather than trying to overpower your opponent at waist or chest height, a better option can be taking pace off of the ball and angling it down at their feet.

Change the dynamic so you’re hitting down on the ball and they’re hitting up. This dramatically turns the point in your favor.

Not only is it more difficult to hit a shot from your ankles, but it also lowers the odds of an attack landing in. A ball hit with pace from the knee or below is almost always going to sail out.

Control the height of the ball and the point. Find more of Collin’s 15 pickleball gems for the amateur player here.

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Pickleball takes over the 305

The Miami Beach Convention Center was filled with pickleball play and pickleball talk over the weekend. The APP Miami Open and the RacquetX Conference put the plastic whiffle ball in the spotlight. Pickleball action continues this week with an MLP All-Star event at the ATP/WTA Miami Open, March 27-29.

The Ultimate Pickleball Panel
Founder of The Dink, Thomas Shields, was the moderator of the Ultimate Pickleball Panel where the leaders of the PPA Tour, Major League Pickleball, APP Tour and USA Pickleball discussed all things pickleball.

Dylan Frazier Doubles Up
Dylan Frazier made himself at home on top of the podium in Miami. He and JW Johnson were a clear favorite and took care of business in men’s doubles. Frazier and Hurricane Tyra Black defeated Megan Fudge and Andrei Daescu to win the mixed doubles title as well.

Singles Strongholds
Hunter Johnson ended Grayson Goldin’s breakout run one win short of gold. Johnson reclaimed his spot on top of the APP men’s singles game. Megan Fudge also returned to the winner’s circle with a win over Jenna Hessert in the finals.

Johnson wins another one
Jorja Johnson continues to collect medals on the APP Tour. She and Milan Rane teamed up to bring home the women’s doubles title.

We’re Team USA and we’re going all the way
The first-ever APP Atlantic Cup saw Team USA take on Team Europe in a best-of-nine competition over the weekend. Team Europe launched out to a 4-2 lead to start the event. But yesterday, Team USA stole the final three matches to take the win, 5-4.

The APP will stick around South Florida for its next event. The APP Vlasic Classic takes place in Delray Beach April 3-7.

Ready to Make Plays

Warstic is shaking up the pickleball court, and it's not just with their eye-catching designs.

Enter the WSPB3E and WSPB4E: these paddles don’t just play the game, they change it. Perfect for those who play hard and aren't afraid to show it, Warstic combines unmatched performance with designs that make a statement louder than your victory shout.

Ready to wield something as bold as your backhand? Swing by Warstic’s collection and let your paddle do the talking.

A new round of pro player signings

The latest installment of the Tour Wars may have created pickleball peace, but there are still deals to be made in the pro game. The new PPA/MLP entity announced a new round of pro player signings over the weekend.

This round includes staples from the APP Hunter Johnson, Yates Johnson, and Alix Truong. According to the announcement the signing is exclusive, which means it’s unlikely we will see these players at APP events in the near future.

Two additional players included in the announcement are Roscoe Bellamy and Craig Johnson, who have both made strides on the PPA Tour in recent months.

This might not be the end of signings. With the MLP Draft looming next week, don’t be surprised if a few other players ink a deal to be included in the draft pool.

College squads compete at Virginia Super Regional

The Clemson Tigers are on the rise in college pickleball. Clemson took down the two previous national champs to win the DUPR Virginia Super Regional over the weekend.

The Tigers beat the University of North Carolina in the semifinals and defending national champs from the University of Virginia in the finals to earn the win.

Clemson, UVA, James Madison University, and the University of Florida all earned bids to compete at the DUPR Collegiate National Championships later this year. The 64-team competition is scheduled for November 22-24 in Houston.

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