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Tournament season is officially here. With temps rising in the North, outdoor courts around the country are packed with Earth Day showdowns and Dinko de Mayo tournaments.

So we want to know what your plans are.

Do you plan to play any local or regional amateur tournaments this summer?

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🎾 Tennis to pickleball transition, part 2
📈 Fed reaches a new milestone
 🎯 Hit them while they’re down?

Let the weekend commence.

From Tennis to Pickleball, Part 2

On Wednesday, we shared what shots should be left on the tennis court, and today we have the rest of John Cincola’s tips to transition to pickleball.

Habits to Bring and Adjust
4. New Ready Position - A pickleball ready position is close to a tennis ready position. The major change Cincola suggests is to lower the paddle from chest height to waist level.

This is because the pickleball does not bounce nearly as high as a tennis ball. If a ball is up around your chest or shoulders it is probably going out or traveling slow enough for you to react in time.

Learn New Skills
5. Tip down - Having your paddle tip down strays from the common “racquet head up” philosophy in tennis. With low balls in the kitchen, hitting with the paddle tip down allows for a more relaxed grip and more shot options.

You can dink, speed up, or lob all from the same paddle position. This helps keep your opponent guessing.

6. Roll Volley - This shot is crucial in pickleball but almost unheard of in tennis. In pickleball, a lot of volleys are taken at or below net level. Topspin is required to get the ball up over the net, and then back down at your opponent’s feet.

Master these new skills and soon enough you won’t even miss the smell of a freshly opened can of tennis balls.

Rule the Court

Ever feel like your game starts strong but doesn't finish that way? It’s not just in your head—it might be your paddle.

Meet the Selkirk Vanguard Control Invikta, the paddle that ensures your gameplay remains sharp all match long. With its advanced QuadCarbon Face and solid PolyCore interior, this paddle delivers both power and finesse, keeping you in control from start to finish.

Explore the Vanguard Control Invikta now and maintain your edge, all game, every game.

A New Number One

Last month, Federico Staksrud did the nearly impossible and surpassed Ben Johns in PPA points in men’s singles. This week Fed added fire to the who’s No. 1 debate.

Fed officially unseated Johns as DUPR’s top-ranked singles player. He started the year at a 7.045 ranking and managed to climb 0.15 higher to 7.194. Johns currently sits at 7.183.

Fed made his ninth straight finals appearance and racked up another gold medal at the PPA Red Rock Open. His singles record in 2024 is an impressive 38-5.

While Staks has shined in 2024, it’s not time to pass the torch just yet. Statistically, Fed has more points and a higher DUPR, but Ben owns the head-to-head with a 9-2 record.

The gap might have closed on the GOAT but if you’re asking who’s the world No. 1, there’s still only one answer.

Hit a Player When They’re Down?

Have you ever fallen down mid-point? Maybe you went one way and the ball went another. Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us, including the pros.

Lina Padegimaite lost her footing during a match at the Red Rock Open and wound up a sitting duck. Things get a little crazy when something like this happens.

Usually, the other team is in a hurry to take advantage and win the point. It can lead to errors where they sail the ball long or flub it into the net. There are even some miraculous points that have been won from a seated position.

Andrei Daescu was unphased by the fall. He calmly tapped the ball right into the seated Padegimaite.

Padegimaite was visibly upset after the play. Probably more about the fall than being hit, but it does beg the question is that proper etiquette?

If you see a player down, do you send the ball in their direction? Or just send the ball into the open court and win the old-fashioned way. Reply to this email and let us know.

The Pickleball Player’s Recovery Tool

Let’s face it, Dink fam: after today's match, tomorrow’s soreness is inevitable. But fear not, because Therabody is here to save the day—your ultimate MVP for muscle recovery.

And when it comes to targeted relief, the Theragun Prime stands out. This innovative device doesn't just massage; it delivers deep, percussive therapy to your sore spots, easing pain and boosting circulation with every use.

With four specialized attachments and a patented grip, the Theragun Prime reaches places others can't. Plus, with the Therabody app, you'll have guided routines right at your fingertips.

Use code DINK10 at checkout for 10% off, because every day should be a good pickleball day with Therabody.

Brooke Shields Tried to Resist

Brooke Shields had reservations about playing pickleball. She was forced into the game thanks to her new movie coming out next week.

On Good Morning America, Shields shared that the crew was isolated on set in Thailand for three months filming Mother of the Bride. They received “intense lessons” to get the actors up to speed for a pickleball scene.

Shields said about her game “I was under the impression that I was a pretty good player…until I got home and played against Chris and realized, I wasn’t that good of a player.” A humbling moment that all pickleball players have experienced.

Shields’s husband Chris Henchy is a director, producer, and screenwriter who frequently teams up with Will Ferrell. He has been involved in some of Ferrell’s heavy hitters including The Other Guys and Step Brothers as well as HBO’s Entourage and Eastbound & Down.

Pickleball on TV
Henchy must be an avid player as he was a producer on Pickled, the CBS celebrity pickleball tournament starring Ferrell, Emma Watson, and more. He was also involved with The Impractical Jokers who provided some of the worst pickleball lessons known to man.

Okay, back to Brooke. Mother of the Bride also stars Benjamin Bratt and Chad Michael Murray who hit the court during the film. Keep an eye out for it on Netflix, May 9th.

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