Line call causes workplace dispute

Racquet sports invade Miami. The drill you won't forget.

Welcome to Miami. Will Smith forgot ‘racquet sports haven’ when listing Miami attributes in his 1997 classic. That of course, was way before pickleball’s major boom.

But pickleball is now a headliner in the racquet sports scene and a major player in this year’s RacquetX Conference, kicking off this weekend in Miami. Get the full scoop below.

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🎤 Unprecedented pickleball panel
🎾 Tennis converts break out in Miami
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Party in the city where the heat is on.

The Fridge and The Toaster

Leave it to Selkirk pro Morgan Evans to come up with a uniquely named drill that’s easy to remember. This one is called the fridge and the toaster.

It’s a pickleball version of the tortoise and the hare. One player plays fast and the other one slows it down.

The Fridge
The fridge’s job is to cool everything down. They start at the kitchen line and aim to reset the ball into the kitchen. In this drill, they work on controlling the ball and staying calm under pressure.

The Toaster
The toaster has the opposite job. They’re going to heat things up. The toaster’s goal is to drive the ball into difficult spots and put the pressure on the fridge.

The Drill
Start with the toaster at the baseline and the fridge at the kitchen. The toaster will drive balls at the fridge until the fridge can consistently reset 8/10 balls into the kitchen.

Second Progression
To make the drill more difficult, the toaster will move into the midcourt. They will again drive the ball at the fridge and try to put the pressure on. If the fridge can handle the heat at this distance, it’s time to move to the third progression.

Third Progression
Finally, the toaster advances to the kitchen line. From here they have a major advantage on the fridge. Speedups from here will be the most difficult to reset. Once you’re comfortable at this level, you’ll be prepared for anything.

Use this drill to get more confident at the line and handle attacks with ease.

Your Paddle Will Thank You

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An unprecedented panel of industry experts

Miami is the place to be this week for racquet sports enthusiasts. The ATP and WTA Miami Open is entering the second and third rounds of play at Hard Rock Stadium.

The APP’s Miami Open is making plenty of noise at the Miami Beach Convention Center. More on that below. RacquetX has taken full advantage of the overlap in scheduling to host the inaugural event also at the Miami Beach Convention Center.

The three-day gathering will feature leaders representing all racquet sports industries from tennis and pickleball to ping pong, squash, badminton, and more. The Dink will proudly be on hand to take part in the festivities.

The Dink’s Founder Thomas Shields will moderate a panel between the top brass of every major pickleball organization. The panel includes Mike Nealy, CEO of USA Pickleball, Bryce Morgan, CMO of the PPA Tour, Tom Webb, CMO of the APP, and Anne Worcester, Strategic Advisor and Board Member of Major League Pickleball.

Never before have we seen the leaders in the pickleball landscape come together like this. The panel will kick off the three day event Sunday March 24 at 10:30 am ET. Learn more about the event here.

More tennis converts shine in Miami

The Miami Open has attracted some major names in pickleball including JW Johnson, Dylan Frazier and Hurricane Tyra Black. It has also brought in more tennis talent that is shaking up the ranks.

Another tennis convert
Katerina Stewart reached No. 158 in the world of women’s tennis. Yesterday she fought through the women’s singles qualifier to reach the main draw. Stewart upset Jorja Johnson on her way to the semifinals. She ultimately finished in fourth but it’s certainly not the last we have heard from her.

Women’s Singles Final
Megan Fudge vs Jenna Hessert 
Bronze: Bobbi Oshiro

Underdogs on a roll
Alex Crum, Stephen Madonia, and Grayson Goldin all had breakout performances in men’s singles. Crum knocked out Chris Haworth, Madonia eliminated Yates Johns, and Goldin made it all the way to the finals. He will play Hunter Johnson for gold on Sunday.

Men’s Singles Final
Hunter Johnson vs Grayson Goldin
Bronze: Jack Foster

Atlantic Cup
A special competition at this year’s Miami Open pits the U.S.A. vs Europe. Teams of six players, three men and three women, face off in the first-ever Atlantic Cup. We will share the results with you on Monday.

Fans can tune into the Miami Open on ESPN+ starting today at noon ET. Championship Sunday will also have a special broadcast on ESPN2 from 10 am - 12 pm ET.

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Bossman crosses the line in warehouse pickleball game

It’s hard to knock a boss who is willing to install a pickleball court in the middle of a warehouse. Nothing would make me want to go to work more than pickleball rivalry with unfinished business.

But the boss at this warehouse crossed the line. On an incredibly athletic (and dangerous) ATP, bossman had the audacity to call the ball out.

You can check the tapes for yourself. Tallboy2014, who posted the video, comments “We fought back from 2-10 to tie it up, then the general manager calls this one out!”

Another user asked, “Did you show him the video?” Tallboy2014 replied “He reviewed the film and wrote me up for a safety violation. 😜

Everyone has a bad boss story, but this one actually comes with video evidence. When it comes to problems, pickleball problems are some of the best to have. It left another user, _JohnnyUtahBrah with a final question “All I want to know is... are you guys hiring?”

Do you want to work in pickleball? The Dink is hiring a social media manager. If you or someone you know is perfect for the role, reply to this email and let us know why.

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