Pickleball crime spree hits Las Vegas

Pro level grip changes. Hopped off the plane at LAX.

Recovery is key. Stretching before a match is a great way to prevent injury, but recovery techniques after a match get you ready to play your best again the next day.

The age of the average pickleball player might be getting younger but we’re not. We’re curious to know, what recovery routine is helping to keep you young at heart?

What products do you use to optimize recovery after pickleball?

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🏋️ Should you be adding weight to your paddle?
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Pro Level Grip Changes

Most amateurs don’t think about grip changes. Some might not even realize they change grips throughout the course of a point.

Changing your grip during a point comes with advantages and disadvantages. One big disadvantage is that the court is small, there is not much time to change grip between shots, leaving you stuck in an unfavorable position.

On the latest episode of the PicklePod, Augie Ge said he doesn’t change his grip throughout a point. Except to hit one shot - a backhand volley.

For this shot, he rotates the paddle slightly to close the face and generate spin more effectively.

A large number of players - including Ben Johns - have indicated that a slight grip change on the backhand flick can make it easier to execute.

Zane Navratil adds that he will use a semi-western grip for forehands from the baseline but uses continental for the majority of his game. He also provides a hack for changing grips quickly.

Zane attempts to return to a ready position after every shot. His ready position includes both hands on the paddle. That way he can grip the paddle with his left while he repositions his right hand.

What should you do?
If you haven’t experimented with grip changes, it might be time to start. Just remember to get back to ready position after each shot.

What We’re Playing With

We recently got our hands on the latest paddles from a new brand to the Pickleball scene - Warstic. A huge brand in the baseball and softball scene, they’re now turning their hand to performance pickleball paddles.

First impressions, their designs are hitting the mark! You’ll definitely be a stand-out on the paddle rack with these. But the better part: they play well, too. We reviewed their WSPB Elite Series which you can read here.

And if you want to see those stunning designs we mentioned, feast your eyes on the full Warstic collection (and let your paddle do the talking).

Bad Boys. Whatcha Gonna Do?

The pickleball crime spree continues and this is starting to look like more than a coincidence.

In February, we told you about the tennis/pickleball chain Game-Set-Match that had been hit for $20,000 in paddles. This week cameras caught criminals in the act at the Las Vegas location.

Reports say that a group entered the store with a coordinated attack to steal the goods. One man distracted the clerk with questions about tennis equipment while two women went to work on the pickleball section.

They snagged 16 paddles totaling over $5,000 before exiting the store. You can watch the surveillance video for yourself here.

If you want free paddles the easy way, just refer a friend. Copy this link and send it to your pickleball crew to start earning prizes, including free paddles for life.

Hopped Off the Plane at LAX

The PPA Tour whirlwind schedule brings them to the city of Angels for the third of four consecutive weeks of play.

A New No. 1
Anna Leigh Waters is absent again this week due to her participation in the US Open. In her absence, Ben Johns and Anna Bright are teaming up for the first time and will be the No. 1 seed in mixed.

Eight Straight?
Can Federico Staksrud make it eight straight finals appearances in men’s singles? He will have a somewhat favorable draw this week with the No. 3, No. 5 and No. 6 seeds all on the opposite side of the bracket.

Doubles Dominance
The Johns bros and Anna Bright/Rachel Rohrabacher won in convincing fashion last week. Will anyone stand in their way and prevent them from another title in LA?

New Duos
A few new partnerships will try to break through in men’s. Tyson McGuffin will test the waters with Jaume Martinez Vich. Singles standout Connor Garnett will pair with Augie Ge to try to break down the competition.

See our full preview and predictions for the LA Open here. You can watch the event on Amazon Prime and PickleballTV starting at 2pm ET tomorrow.

Stand Out in Any Crowd

Ever wondered what the top pickleball players are wearing on their heads these days? Meet the Selkirk Amped Trucker Hat. Forget about just shielding your eyes from the sun; this hat amps up your style and your game.

Straight out of the gate, the Trucker Hat impresses with its bold, no-nonsense design. But let’s talk comfort - because that’s where this hat really scores. With its breathable mesh and snug fit, it keeps you cool under pressure and looking sharp match after match.

Check out the Selkirk Amped Truckers Hats today and make your mark on the court!

Plata O Plomo … Or Maybe Tungsten

Adding weight to your paddle is a great way to customize it to your liking. Some players add weight to add power to their game. Others like the stability it provides when the ball doesn’t hit exactly in the sweet spot.

Although some players (and a lot of pros) have started weighting their paddle, the majority of The Dink Fam has not. Over 53 percent of players polled in our survey indicated they add no weight to their paddle.

That may stem from a lack of understanding how lead tape can be used to alter a paddle.

  • Adding tape along the sides adds stability and increases the size of your sweet spot

  • Adding tape on the top edge increases power and head weight

  • Adding tape on the neck of the paddle increases stability without sacrificing as much hand speed.

Of course, adding weight comes with drawbacks as well. The increased weight will likely slow your paddle down in firefights, at least until you have time to adjust.

The increased weight will also make the ball jump off the paddle. You will need to relearn how hard to hit drops, dinks, and resets to avoid pop-ups.

You will also need to be mindful of injury. Don’t add weight and then go play for six hours. Ease into it with shorter play sessions while experimenting.

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