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Coach yourself on-court. Your National Pickleball Day obligation.

Good morning. Happy (belated) National Pickleball Day! Did you miss your chance to celebrate? Don't fret, we cover some of the holiday buzz in today's happenings.

And clear your calendar for 10/10/23 to celebrate World Pickleball Day with the rest of planet Earth.

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Offense vs Defense vs Neutral

Knowing who controls the point dictates how you should prepare for your next shot. A transition from defense to offense can happen in a split second. John Cincola breaks down the three states of pickleball in a new video.

Below are the examples he gives to identify if you’re on offense, defense, or in a neutral state.


  1. Court position - Your opponents are closer to the kitchen line

  2. Off Balance - A lunge, stretch, or reach for the ball that puts you off balance

  3. Contact point - Contact behind your body or getting jammed are two examples

  4. Half volley - It's ill-advised to attack a low ball, you're likely playing defense on a half volley

  5. High ball - When you give your opponent a high ball to hit out of the air

  6. Dead dink - When you hit a high bouncing dink, your opponent can attack


The opposite of scenarios 1-6. The returning team usually starts on 'offense' because they get to the kitchen line first.


All four players have reached the kitchen line and none of the above scenarios are in play. It is typically seen after a successful third or fifth shot drop.

Clearly defining when you’re on offense vs defense will help you predict what happens next on the court. It tells you where to stand, how tight to grip your paddle, and where to look for the next ball.

We will cover more detail on how to react in each scenario on Friday. 

Make Money off Your Home Court

As if you need another reason to add a homecourt to your backyard, now you can share your court with local players when you aren’t using it.

Swimply allows court owners the chance to rent out homecourts and players the opportunity to reserve a private court for their game.

National Pickleball Day in Review

Image: MLP

In case you weren’t aware, yesterday was National Pickleball Day, and what a momentous day it was: the sport was featured on Good Morning America for the third time.

Actually, that’s old news. It was much more entertaining to see how the community responded online. Here are some highlights:

Our favorite comment regarding pickle’s national holiday came from a single commenter on a Facebook post within the Pickleball Forum group.

It read: National Pickleball Day? That’s like National Breathe Air Day.

Our sentiments exactly.

Big Alcohol Invests in PB

Teetotalers, look away. Boozy experiences are tying themselves to pickleball so fast, it’s dizzying.

According to Forbes, these are just a few of the venues pairing pickleball and bespoke hooch:

Carneros Resort and Spa in Napa Valley’s après-play experience: “Veuve Clicquot Champagne Bar & Lounge is directly next to the courts for post-game unwinding that includes bottle service.”

At the Del Mar Wine & Food Festival in San Diego this September, rosé brand Whispering Angel is sponsoring a celebrity pickleball tournament.

Kimpton La Peer in West Hollywood provides guests with a full Grey Goose vodka menu, including a “Pickleball Punch” served in a glass wrapped in a reusable wristband koozie you can use on the court.

The M Social Hotel Times Square hosts a court seven floors above city streets. Booking a slot there includes a complimentary Honey Deuce cocktail, the “official drink of the U.S. Open.”

On Cape Cod, the Ocean Edge Resort & Golf Club provides guests access to their six courts, complete with a pop-up pickleball bar with a full pickleball-inspired menu with drinks like the Two Bounce Rule (featuring bourbon, maple syrup, lime, and OJ).

PCKL is Still Celebrating National Pickleball Day

To celebrate the hallmark holiday of National Pickleball Day, PCKL is giving away FIFTY FREE ELITE 40s when you grab a pack online and cover shipping.

No purchase necessary - just pay for shipping. Go claim your free pack now before they run out! Only one pack per customer.

Pickleball Under the Arch

The APP Tour returns this week to St. Louis, MO the site of one of the most exciting events on their 2022 calendar.

This year's event will look a little different, held at a new venue, the Dwight Davis Tennis Center.

Most signs point to Andrei Daescu doubling up on gold again this weekend. He's paired with Rob Nunnery and Susannah Barr.

Salome Devidze is the heavy favorite in the women's singles field, but expect to see some new names with her on the podium.

Pickleball vets Frank Anthony Davis and John Cincola will look to infiltrate the Johnson twins' stronghold on APP singles gold. Jhonnatan Medina Alvarez is also primed to make a run in St. Louis.

Newcomer Tina Pisnik continues to gain ground in the doubles game. Look for her to podium alongside Alix Truong in women’s doubles.

Coverage for the event will begin Saturday on APPTV.

On-Court Rituals

Lea Jansen taps her trigger points. ALW gives herself a pep talk. Papa Jimmy can’t stop bouncing. We all have little rituals on the court — what are yours?

A review from the Dink Fam...

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