Powerful shots without biceps

A feisty squirrel. Tyson did it.

Happy Monday. Collin Johns is out on injury until at least early September, which means Ben Johns needs a partner…

Who do we know can play at the highest level of pickleball and is currently seeking a partner? It’s none other than Matt Wright, Ben’s former partner.

Seems like a pragmatic decision, considering the pair have previously pulled in 10 medals, 7 of them gold.

Tired of washing your one good pair of pickleball shorts?

Enter for your shot at a brand new pickle wardrobe, e-bike, pro level paddle, all without spending a dime.

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PPA Tournament of Champions Results

Use Footwork to Add Power

Generating power in pickleball is all about managing space — specifically, the space between you and the ball. Ideally, you want the ball to be at arm’s length to maximize your power.

Let’s say that again, you want the ball to be at arm’s length to maximize your power. If your elbow is bent, you’re sacrificing power. That applies to forehands, backhands, overheads, volleys, all of the game’s scenarios.

It’s easy to find the right space at the baseline when the ball has time to bounce. At the kitchen line, your time is cut down dramatically.

One thing you see at the pro level that you need to add to your game is the slide step.

Instead of stepping forward to generate power, you can use a slide step in either direction to:

(a) generate more power
(b) create the right space between you & the ball

When the ball is aimed at your torso, take an evasive slide step left or right to keep the ball at arm’s length. Instead of flubbing the ball back, you can smack a counter for the win.

In lieu of moving laterally, you will also see the pros drop vertically to create space. The scorpion shot uses the same concept to get out of a jam and answer with power.

The Go-To Backpack for Pickleball Players

Selkirk Core Bag

The Core Bag Line by Selkirk is the go-to backpack line for pickleball players looking for a well designed, well constructed, and functional backpack.

This line features three of the most well known and loved silhouettes in pickleball: the Selkirk Day, Team, and Tour bags in five vibrant colors; Black, Red, Purple, Green & Blue.

Elevate your game on and off the court with Selkirk's Core Bag Line. Get yours today and experience the difference!

A Long Time Coming

It's been a long time coming, and the day is finally here. Tyson McGuffin won his first triple crown on the PPA Tour.

In one of the most captivating matches of the year, TM and James Ignatowich pulled the ultimate comeback. They were down two games to none and headed for elimination in game three.

McGuffin and Ignatowich unleashed that dog inside and pickled Riley Newman and AJ Koller in game three. Game four also fell to TM and Big Poppa Jimmy, setting up an epic game five finale.

The Utah crowd was raucous on center court and produced one of the game's biggest celebrations as match point was sealed by TM and Ignatowich.

  • McGuffin took care of business in men's singles. He closed out Connor Garnett in two games 11-6, 12-10.

He and fellow triple crown winner Catherine Parenteau looked lights out all weekend and took full advantage of the Ben Johns/Anna Leigh Waters absence.

  • Parenteau and Parris Todd found their stride after a game one loss. They closed out the hometown favorites Callie Smith and Allyce Jones in 4 games.

  • CP appears to have Salome Devidze figured out. After her summer vacation, CP looked stronger than ever and cruised to an 11-6, 11-2 victory.

You may have noticed all of this weekend’s gold medal winners had something in common. They all rock paddles made by our title sponsor. It was a clean Selkirk Sweep at the Tournament of Champions.

The tour heads east this week to visit Patrick Mahomes in Kansas City. Tune into the Kansas City Open starting on Thursday.

Pickleball Apparel Reinvented

Dilly Life

Performance materials in styles you want to wear on and off the court.

Dilly Life is reinventing how pickleball apparel looks, feels and performs. With moisture-wicking materials, UV protection, and an ultra soft fleece collection, Dilly Life embodies the PB lifestyle while setting you up for success on the court.

Get 20% off your first order with the code DINK20 and free shipping on orders over $75.

Tales from the Court, Part 8

This unusual pickleball experience comes to us from Mike A. Send in your own interesting pickleball stories here.

My group was playing a fun game on a buddy's backyard court (with no boundary fences other than backstops) one fall day.

We rotated 2 or 3 balls during our games, and at the completion of a game, we went to round up the balls before we started the next one. After several minutes of searching, we were missing one of the balls. 

Someone had remarked earlier about the number of squirrels that day and their numerous trips up and down the nearby trees when one in our group noticed a squirrel in a tree next to our court, chewing on our yellow pickleball.

He decided after a short attempt to digest the ball that it wasn't a desirable meal, letting it fall back to earth.

The ball was actually still in playable shape, so our game continued.

Expanding Access in NYC

City Pickle’s Wollman Rink summer installation in Central Park is expanding access to the sport throughout the city.

They recently welcomed 14 kids from Solutions Now, a nonprofit supporting families living in NYCHA developments, to play pickleball – many for the first time.

“If you are going to offer pickleball in Central Park all summer, it should also be accessible to people in underserved communities,” says a Solutions Now representative.

“When I say it out loud, it seems like a no-brainer, but believe me, that isn't always the case.”

In addition to Solutions Now, CityPickle and Wollman Rink have invited other community organizations to take to the courts throughout the summer.

Should Honcho Pickleball League Expand to Your City?

Looking for some competitive social and league play? Honcho Pickleball League is scouting 15 incredible cities for expansion.

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