Pro pickleballer was Emma Stone's stunt double?

Be a better partner this Valentine's Day. Pickleball vs Parkinson's.

Happy Valentine’s Day Dink Fam. As you know, partnerships mean everything in pickleball. Take it from Riley Newman, who explained his recent partnership struggles on the PicklePod.

Finding the perfect partner isn’t easy. We’re not all born with a twin sister with lightning-fast hands and a killer backhand.

Once you find that special someone, that preferably left-handed special someone, hold on tight, share the middle, and spoil them with pickleball’s #1 subscription box. 

The Pickleball Box makes the perfect last-minute Valentine’s Day gift. Today is your last chance to save with our Valentine’s Day flash sale.

In This Issue:

❤️ Partnership pointers
💫 A rising star in the pro ranks
💪 Pickleball vs Parkinson’s

Let’s get into it.

The Best Partner You Can Be

Partnership is the theme of the day. If you want to get a good partner then you need to be a good partner.

When playing with a new partner, or any partner, there are some guidelines you can follow to keep things running smoothly. Here are 7 ways to keep the spark alive in your pickleball partnership:

Call Lines for Your Partner

  • When your partner is returning serve, help call the lines so they can focus on the return

  • The same goes for shots near the baseline. If it's clearly their ball, take the initiative to watch the line and make the call if need be

Cut Down on Errors

  • Be the patient and consistent part of the duo. It's easy to appreciate the partner who plays great defense and sets the team up for easy putaways

  • This also means you might have to take less risks. It's fun to rip that winner down the line, but it's not fun to be the partner watching you rip the ball into the net 5 times as you go for that down-the-line winner

Paddle Taps

  • It's a simple concept but it helps. After a great shot, after a not so great shot, maybe after every point

  • Checking in with your partner and showing support no matter what just happened helps boost team morale

  • Many top pros swear by this. It's mandatory for a strong partnership

Bonus tip: Keep score. Be the one who always knows the score, knows who served first, and which side you're supposed to be on.

Finding Joy in Movement

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Hollywood Stunt Double to Pickle Pro

Kaitlyn Christian came onto the pickleball scene in a big way at the PPA Desert Ridge Open earlier this month.

Christian played four years of tennis at USC where she won the women’s doubles National Championship with her partner, Sabrina Santamaria.

As a professional tennis player, Christian excelled in women’s doubles events. She won a total of 13 doubles tournaments on the ITF tour throughout her career with various partners. In 2019, Christian was ranked as the 38th best women’s doubles player in the world.

Christian brought her tennis skills to the silver screen when she helped Emma Stone pass for Billie Jean King in The Battle of the Sexes movie. Christian was the body double for Stone in the film. In 2021, Christian hit the screen again playing Shaun Stafford, the first professional opponent of Venus Williams, in the movie King Richard.

This year, Christian is expected to be a mainstay on the PPA Tour. She has lined up top-level pros to continue to improve her doubles game.

In singles, Christian is already a top contender. She brought home the bronze medal at the Desert Ridge Open and might be the one to give Anna Leigh Waters a run for her money in 2024. Learn more about Christian’s playing career and accomplishments here.

Pickleball vs Parkinson’s

As pickleballers, we know there are many benefits to playing pickleball, from improved cardiovascular health to increased social interactions.

Well, now there's another added benefit to playing pickleball, and it's huge.

Pickleball is helping those with Parkinson's disease.

A recent article from HillRag (a Washington, D.C. news publication) entitled "Parkinson's Patients Learn to Play Pickleball" tells of several people struggling with the disease who have used pickleball to slow its progress and stay mentally and physically engaged.

Rosemary Freeman, who was diagnosed with Parkinson's about two years ago, said, "We play with others experiencing the same challenges. I come off the court with a feeling of accomplishment and the idea I am able to think of myself as a pickleball player rather than a person with Parkinson’s."

If that statement doesn't give you the chills and hit you straight in your polypropylene core, then you may want to check your pulse.

There's also this recent story of a man in Naples, FL, who credits the sport for helping him with his Parkinson's diagnosis.

In a sport that provides so many benefits for its participants, I think everyone can agree that helping stop or even reverse debilitating diseases is without question at the top of the list.

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Being able to change your paddle is a game changer.  

The GAMMA Airbender features variable weighted endcaps and Zorbicon Shockbuster gel inserts, you can tailor your paddle to fit your game perfectly. Adapt on the fly and reduce harmful vibrations for a smoother play.  

Learn more about the Airbender from GAMMA Sports and customize your game.

Dink Awards - The Fan Favorites

We’re announcing Dink Awards Winners all week. In this batch, Tyson McGuffin takes home Fan Favorite for the second year in a row.

Rachel Rohrabacher’s meteoric rise in the second half of the year edged out Hurricane Tyra Black for Women’s Most Improved Player.

Event of the Year fittingly went to MLP Atlanta where Rohrabacher’s break-out performance occurred. MLP Atlanta was also home to Match of the Year between the Orlando Squeeze and DC Pickleball Team.

🏆 Men’s Most Improved Player
Christian Alshon
🏆 Women’s Most Improved Player
Rachel Rohrabacher
🏆 SLK Rising Talent
Jaume Martinez Vich
🏆 Event of the Year
MLP Atlanta
🏆 Top Influential Voice
Zane Navratil
🏆 Fan Favorite
Tyson McGuffin

We will unveil the final Dink Awards winners on Friday. But you can see how close the voting was in these categories and read more about the winners here.

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