Should you serve with a different grip?

The world's luckiest hat. Pickleball down under.

Hot mic. Pickleball had a bit of a Ron Burgundy moment on Wednesday’s YouTube stream. One of the announcers went overboard with opinions and sent part of the online community into an uproar.

The issue has been addressed by PPA Commissioner Connor Pardoe who said “I’m glad so many people care. Agreed it was outrageous and will be handled.”

As we saw in Anchorman, just because someone says “It’s science” it doesn’t mean that it’s true. Stay classy, pickleball fans.

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Should you serve with a different grip?

On Wednesday, Christine Maddox took on Kaitlyn Christian at the PPA Arizona Cup. During the match, you might have noticed something a little peculiar. And no not just the out-of-pocket announcing.

Maddox was employing a grip specifically for her serve. She would serve with one grip and then adjust right after serving.

The technique proved very effective as Maddox started the match forcing two return errors and racked up a number of easy points thanks to her serve.

The Grip
For her serve, Maddox adjusts her grip to an extreme Western grip. She says "I have always used that grip since I was around 10 years old in tennis and it just easily transferred over for my serve in pickleball."

This grip allows her to put a tremendous amount of topspin on her serve without violating any serve rules. One of the most overlooked serve rules, especially at the amateur level is Rule 4.A.7.b.

After the Serve
After the serve, Maddox adjusts her grip to more of an Eastern grip. Maddox says the grip change makes it easier for her to dig out the lower-hit balls that you see in pickleball.

There are special grips for special shots in pickleball. The scorpion and tomahawk are two examples where players adjust their grip for a specific shot. Could this be the start of a trend where players employ a unique grip just for their serve?

Raising the Bar

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Pickleball Down Under

Before the latest installment of the tour wars has inked a peace treaty, the battle has begun on another front. The international race is on.

Yesterday the PPA Tour announced a partnership with Pacific Pickleball to create the PPA Tour Australia. The partnership is having an immediate impact with the first event happening this weekend, the Pacific Pro Sydney.

The event registration page describes it as using a pro teams format under Major League Pickleball Australia. Just like the current domestic merger between MLP and the PPA, it appears there is still some dust that needs to be settled.

The World’s Luckiest Hat

Jack Sock (left) is scheduled to play 17-year-old Cason Campbell (right)

The Arizona Cup is off to a thrilling start in Mesa. After plenty of shock came from the announcer’s booth, fans were also surprised by some on-court upsets.

  • Andrei Daescu/Gabe Tardio eliminated the Johns bros 11-6, 11-5 in the Round of 16

  • Julian Arnold/Jack Munro took out Tyson McGuffin/Dekel Bar to land a spot in the quarterfinals

  • The biggest surprise is the 43-seed Cason Campbell, who upset both Collin Shick and Dylan Frazier with the help of his tattered lucky hat. Campbell will take on Jack Sock in the quarterfinals today

Sock looks more and more comfortable on the court each week. His light-hearted approach to pickleball is evident as he plays to the crowd.

Sock showed some playful gamesmanship against McGuffin calling back-to-back timeouts following McGuffin’s TO. The biggest sign that he is all-in on pickle was his successful execution of the Kyle Yates shot in men’s doubles.

We are on pace to see a rematch between Anna Leigh Waters/Ben Johns vs the Johnsons in mixed doubles. Keep an eye out for the potential matchup on Saturday. But first, the one seed will have to get through Jack Sock/Catherine Parenteau in what’s sure to be an exciting matchup today.

Catch the action starting at 1pm ET on PickleballTV and YouTube. Tune into the special 2-hour FOX broadcast on Championship Sunday from 12-2pm ET.

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How to Go Pro in Less Than a Year

Jaume Martinez Vich is the guest on an all-new episode of the PicklePod. From humble origins in Spain, Jaume has gone from Rafa Nadal's hitting partner to a Division II Tennis National Champion and is now a top 10 pro pickleball player.

Learn more about Jaume's risky bet on himself to make it as a pickleball pro and how he fought for a performance-based contract.

Watch it here or listen here.

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