A solution to pickleball's biggest problem

Keep your partner protected. Upsets in Austin.

Dump out the leftover green beer and pop a couple of Advil. St. Paddy’s on a Sunday should be outlawed or at least come with a vacation day on Monday.

For those of you battling through the dehydration, you’re in luck. Championship Sunday from the PPA Austin Open was rain-delayed to Championship Monday. So grab a seat on the couch and get lost in some pro pickleball (after you finish the newsletter, of course).

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In This Issue:

🏆 Daescu & Bright upset the world’s top team
🙉 Is the noise issue solved?
💧 The Waters Episode of PicklePod

Clear skies ahead.

Stop Getting Your Partner Bagged

Pickleball partnerships commonly lead to friendships, unless you’re the player constantly responsible for getting your partner bodybagged.

Once or twice in a game is alright but three, four, or five is a good way to make sure you two never partner up again.

The most common scenario for this pickle faux pas is while cross-court dinking. Unfortunately, your partner is going to pay the price for any mistake you make cross-court.

Here’s the example. You’re in a cross-court dink rally with your opponent. You want to show them who is boss and land a dink outside their left foot to send them scrambling.

Your miscalculated angle leaves the ball too high for too long. They lean forward and flick it out of the air and into your partner’s chest.

If this sounds like you, then it’s time to stop. Don’t try to win the point on one dink. Instead, change the angle so the dink is more shallow in the kitchen.

The goal is to get them on the move and win the point from a series of dinks. Push them out wide then back to the middle. If you’re not hitting an attack then your shot needs to be unattackable. Your partner will thank you.

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A Solution for Pickleball’s Biggest Problem

In parks throughout the country, there’s a battle between pickleball and noise-complaining neighbors. Pickleballers are flooding once-quiet parks and waking up nearby residents.

Well, one city in Massachusetts is making a play to solve the issue before it becomes a bigger problem. The city of Braintree has approved a $19,000 project to add acoustic panels to local courts this spring.

The panels hang from the fence and work to absorb sound from the courts and stop it from escaping into the nearby community. Research suggests panels like these could have a 30db impact on the excessive noise.

The eight pickleball courts at Hollis Field have caused concern in the neighborhood. The addition of acoustic panels could set a trend and be a unique solution to keep peace between the hundreds of players who use the courts and the neighbors who are forced to deal with the noise.

Daescu & Bright Upset Johns & Waters in Austin

Storms in Texas caused a chaotic weekend in Austin. Matches were delayed, relocated to different venues, and played in inclement weather.

The delays and poor weather spilled over to Championship Sunday and forced four of the five matches to move to today, Championship Monday.

Unstoppable Andrei
Andrei Daescu had a banner weekend in Austin. He and Anna Bright completed one of pickleball’s most improbable tasks. They beat Anna Leigh Waters and Ben Johns in three games, 11-3, 11-9, 11-3. This was Daescu’s second gold in Austin. He and Matt Wright surprised the men’s doubles field with a gold medal win yesterday.

Johns Bros Upset Again
Another big upset occurred late on Saturday. Zane Navratil and Christian Alshon powered through the Johns’ slow-it-down strategy in the quarterfinals and kept the brothers off the podium for their second tournament in a row.

Ben vs Fed
The Ben Johns vs Federico Staksrud rivalry is one of the top storylines of the year. Despite Fed’s five straight finals appearance this is only their second meeting of the year. After the mixed doubles loss, Ben wasn’t going to finish the weekend without any gold. He beat Fed in two games today, 11-5, 11-7.

New Champion in Women’s Singles
Judit Castillo and Kaitlyn Christian both made their first PPA this weekend in Austin. They will square off today to conclude Championship Monday.

Catch the remaining championship matches on pickleballtv now.

Politics, Peace and Pickleball

One of pickleball’s many great qualities is the ability to bring people together from all walks of life. Grandparents, kids, neighbors, co-workers and strangers all convene on courts across the country in search of a little competition and camaraderie.

In a year where political divisiveness is likely to be at an all-time high and with the polarization of our country never greater, our Johnny Barth looks to pickleball to help mend our country’s political chasms.

Democrats, Republicans, Independents and Libertarians all play pickleball. What better way to bridge the divide in our country than with some dinks, ATPs and ERNEs? As Johnny points out, you may even find some common ground and learn that people from the other side of the aisle aren’t that bad after all. 

Your Turn to TOUR

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Dealing with the pressure of being #1

What’s it like to be the world’s best player at just 17 years old? Anna Leigh and Leigh Waters join a very special edition of the PicklePod to pull back the curtain on ALWs climb to the top and their mother-daughter relationship, among many other things.

They share some insane fan stories including groups of fans tracking them down at the airport. Finally, Anna Leigh explains how to hit one of her most dangerous shots.

Tune into the premiere tomorrow on The Dink YouTube.

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