Thieves swipe $30,000 of pickleball gear

Respond to the perfect drop. Next Gen San Antonio.

What is more American than a NASCAR race in Daytona? How about playing pickleball at a NASCAR race in Daytona?

NASCAR teams are the latest in the professional sports world to adopt the game of pickleball. The best part about this crossover, you’ll never hear a single noise complaint.

Former Daytona 500 champion Austin Dillon drives the ball down the middle

The next round of The Pickleball Box is being packed. Have you signed up to receive $250 worth of pickleball gear for a fraction of the price?

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How to Respond to Perfection

Every once in a while, someone will lay it on you, the perfect drop. The ball floats toward you, just out of reach in the air but still nearly lands on your shoelaces.

You're forced to awkwardly play it on the short hop or as a volley from your ankles. You're caught in a vulnerable position but still want to maintain an advantage in the point by keeping your opponent back.

Well, guess what, it's too late. Your court position advantage is gone. Unless of course, your opponent stopped at the bathroom on their way to the kitchen.

Selkirk Coach Mark Price explains how to respond to the perfect drop in a new video.

What you should do: Price suggests you dink the ball cross-court and shallow. Sending the ball cross-court gives the player in front of you less chance to jump on a high ball or poach.

What you should avoid: Don’t try to hit a shot deep into the court. You're at risk of the other team closing in on a high ball if you try to put the ball too deep in the court.

This decision allows your opponent to easily reach the kitchen line but it keeps you safe from a potentially point-ending mistake. It happens often at higher levels and is also known as conceding the kitchen.

But you don't always have to settle.

Although one drop might have been perfect, it doesn't mean the next one will be. Here are two adjustments you can use to make their next drop look a little less perfect.

Let it Glow

Brighten up your game with the vivid SLK by Selkirk Halo pickleball paddles, now in radiant pink and lime green!

Select between the 16mm Control Core for strategic placement and the 13mm Power Core for that extra oomph in your shots. And with the longer XL handle, you're in for enhanced reach and spin, making every shot count.

Don't blend in; visit Selkirk's website to explore these colorful wonders and elevate your game today!

Pickleball Theft Caught on Tape

Call the cops. Call the FBI. Call the National Guard. There is a new crime spree targeting pickleball shops in Colorado.

Family-owned, Game Set Match is a tennis and pickleball retailer with three locations in the Denver area. According to a recent news story, all three locations have been hit by the theft spree.

Security cameras caught two separate groups of people concealing paddles in their clothing and exiting the store. The store owner estimates the total value stolen to be a staggering $20,000 - $30,000.

As a precaution, paddles have been placed closer to the register where employees can keep a more watchful eye on the goods.

While the temptation to get your mitts on a new top-of-the-line paddle might be high, don’t resort to shoplifting. Get free paddles for life through our newsletter referral program, just copy and share your unique link from the bottom of the page to start earning rewards.

Next Gen Stars Shine in San Antonio

The APP wrapped up their first NEXT GEN event last weekend in San Antonio. Players aged 16-23 competed to be the individual points leader of the weekend following singles, doubles and mixed doubles events.

In the men’s competition, Richard Livornese squeezed out the win by only ten points over second-place finisher and his men’s doubles partner Jack Munro.

Brooke Revuelta had a breakout weekend on the women’s side. She took the mixed doubles title with the help of partner Jackson Ayotte. Her second gold came on Sunday with a close women’s singles final against Riley Bohnert.

You can catch the Next Gen in action again this summer. Their next event is July 18-21 in St. Louis.

Pickleball in the French Riviera?

Imagine soaking up the vibrant atmosphere of the French Riviera, sharing laughs with new friends as you warm up for epic morning rallies on the courts of Nice, France. This can be your reality, fellow dinkers.

From May 6 - 11, 2024, elevate your pickleball skills with Nike's Director of Pickleball, then unwind with local wines and seaside strolls. Pickleball de France's retreat offers a serious pickleball camp (levels 3.0 - 4.0 are welcome) combined with a cultural dive into the breathtaking Mediterranean lifestyle.

Get a sneak peek of the action, check out the curriculum, and explore planned activities (hint: rosé tastings and Monte Carlo outings included). Spots have almost filled up—join players from around the world and reserve yours now. Click for details.

Climbing the Pickleball Ranks

Florida Smash’s Mari Humberg joins the Tennis Sucks podcast this week to talk about her rise on the pro circuit. She talks about her transition from from the APP tour to Major League Pickleball and now PPA Tour. Spoiler alert: She just finished in the top spot of the mixed doubles qualifier at PPA Mesa.

The episode sparked some controversy between her and Travis Rettenmaier about whether pros should be slicing their return of serve. Listen to find out why and let us know in the comments if you agree.

Watch it here.

Pickleball After-Party in Phoenix

Have you ever seen a gorilla play pickleball? Okay, we’re still not ready for that Planet of the Apes movie. But last week, the Phoenix Suns iconic gorilla mascot hit the court with a contingency of Suns fans.

February 14th was Pickleball Night in AZ as the Suns took on the Detroit Pistons. Fans who purchased promotional tickets received a free Suns pickleball paddle and were able to play a little pickle on the court after the game.

While fans were able to mix it up with the gorilla, Suns superstar forward and pickleball aficionado Kevin Durant was unavailable to challenge after the game. Check out KD’s early attempts at playing pickle here.

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